Letters to Lillian – #3

Happy Birthday my Sweet Lilly

Today you turn ‘3’ and it seems like yesterday we were sitting in the hospital room holding this beautiful, fresh, tiny baby girl.  Three years have flown by faster than I could have imagined and it’s been a roller coaster ride along the way.  Someone once said it’s a good thing they don’t hand you a toddler as you leave the hospital otherwise we would all go crazy.  Read More

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from The Landen’s!


This year Nick & I decided to switch up our traditional Christmas card and instead write a Christmas letter with a modern twist, I mean we have all these gorgeous family pictures so let’s share them! (Thank you Alyssum Hutchison, Photography by Alyssum).  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting friends & family holiday cards in the mail and actually I save them and enjoy looking at them when getting Christmas decorations out every year. This year, there are just other priorities that made our list.

landen-fam-2018-7.jpgIt’s been a year full of growth and development for all of us.  Early in the year, January 7th, Lilly turned two and went from six solid words in her vocabulary to an encyclopedia of words and complete sentences.  Lilly wins for most growth this year (you know, if we’re keeping score and all).  Her physical and emotional abilities continue to grow exponentially, from her hand/eye coordination with coloring and sports to her abilities to say and recognize her ABC’s and numbers.  Often times we all end up laughing at each other because of what she said that day…”Kids say the darndest things” is a legit thing.  With all this positive growth also comes its pains, THE TANTRUMS.  As sweet as she looks and truly is, she doesn’t get a hall pass for perfect angel all the time.  At the end of the day, she melts our hearts, loves deeply and openly, and laughs at herself.  What more could we ask for?

landen-fam-2018-3.jpgNick has really jumped in to his position with his firm very nicely.  Anyone who has worked with him would probably agree that he is a talented, intelligent Engineer and a hard worker.  He was recognized for his hard work and promoted to Senior Project Engineer over the Summer (while it was a surprise to us, it was something I know he deserved).  He’s been given the opportunity to work on large multi-use and multi-level projects which has expanded and stretched his abilities.  While there are several late nights, he has never wavered in his #1 role of being an amazing, hands-on father.  Lilly is in a stage where she wants nothing more than to be with Daddy.  The morning traditions of Lilly saying “one more hug” or “wait, I need to give you a hug, soft kiss, and high-five” is something that sends him off with a smile and warm heart.

landen-fam-2018-8Myself, well, early in the year I jumped in and started supporting our CrossFit gym in their social media & event planning efforts, in addition to coaching CrossFit Kids. We participated in a lot over the Summer not only with our gym activities but also whatever community events happened to be going on that day.  This new town and area is really growing on us and we are trying to experience everything it has to offer.  My oily business with Young Living has really taken off and become something more than I/we thought it would become.  As most of you know, we are expecting another baby girl at the end of March 2019.  Being pregnant comes with its own set of challenges and growing pains, then add in chasing and entertaining a toddler and I’ve managed to reach a new level of tired.  As I’ve said to many, “my fuse is much shorter this time around”.  All complaining aside, we know and understand just how lucky we are to have this new life to look forward to in the new year.


Orv Landen 1924 – 2018

Since life is about hills & valleys (as my Grandfather often quoted), we haven’t always been on top of the hill this year.  In June, we said goodbye to Nick’s Granddad Orv Landen, and in August, we said goodbye to my Grandfather David Forson.


David Forson 1928 – 2018

Both of these men taught Nick & I a great deal as we were kids and as adults.  While funerals are never easy, the gatherings and get togethers that come with such tragic events are memorable.  Lilly met several of her cousins that she hadn’t met before and we were able to spend time with extended family which is priceless.


landen-fam-2018-4.jpgDaily we realize we are “in the trenches” and navigating life.  We are still learning how to communicate as a couple, daily learning how to do this parenting thing, and most of all we are learning how to manage all life has presented to us.  We truly love and appreciate all our family and friends and while communication can be either short or very rare, please know, many of you are often on our hearts and minds.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and hope this year closes out with Joy allowing a new year to begin with the same sentiment.

Nick, Tara, Lillian & Baby Sister (Sister Sister as Lilly calls her)