Letters to Evelyn #1

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl

IMG_8079Your birthday this year will be one for the memory books. Your birthday happens to fall during a time when the world is going through a worldwide pandemic. It will be something you read about in your history books…scratch that, history web page. With that said, this just makes this birthday even more special.

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Evelyn Makes Four

I’ve started this post several times, each time getting distracted with more time in between the next attempt. I guess that’s what life with two does to a person.


Photo by Photography by Alyssum

Evelyn Rose, this is your birth story, my dear. It was literally one year ago when we found out we would be expecting another baby. Now who knows if it was the epic Journey concert that made it all happen, but it sure makes for a great story. We had been trying and wanting another baby for some time and each month that passed was disappointing. We knew there was a missing piece to our family. We knew Lilly would be a wonderful sister and that she also had a desire for a built in, life long friend. What we didn’t realize is just how much joy and happiness your smile would bring to our hearts. You, Miss Evelyn Rose have etched a mark in our hearts that we had no idea we were missing. Read More

Letters to Lillian – #3

Happy Birthday my Sweet Lilly

Today you turn ‘3’ and it seems like yesterday we were sitting in the hospital room holding this beautiful, fresh, tiny baby girl.  Three years have flown by faster than I could have imagined and it’s been a roller coaster ride along the way.  Someone once said it’s a good thing they don’t hand you a toddler as you leave the hospital otherwise we would all go crazy.  Read More