Changes Are Good

This is one of those posts I’ve gone back and forth on mostly due to the fact that I really am a fairly modest person so putting a photo out there of myself isn’t in my wheelhouse. Having said that, this isn’t a ‘rah-rah look at me’ post but rather a reminder of how much life has changed; not just physically but there’s been an internal shift in how I see life as a Mom now.

You see today I left the house with no make-up on…and I mean NO make-up. My hair in it’s standard, fro-ed out, curly hair, slept-in mess of a bun. Read More

Lillian Letters – 1 Year

Dear Sweetness,

A year ago we were patiently awaiting your arrival, and since you were 4 days late, patient is probably an understatement! People would tell us to enjoy this time, because once she {you} arrived, our lives would be forever changed. We knew that, but when you arrived, what we thought we knew was nothing compared to our beautiful new reality.
I remember the day you were born so vividly. January 7, 2016 will forever be a magnificent day. On this day, you made Daddy a Dad and me a Mom. You opened our hearts to a whole new world; a whole new kind of love that we never knew existed. Read More