Hills & Valleys

Have you ever found yourself going down a smooth road, taking in all the beauty around you, enjoying the easy undisturbed path? I know I have and it’s pleasant; it’s easy; it’s comfortable. And then you hit a bump or take a big turn you didn’t see coming and get jolted or startled. Well that’s where we’re at in this chapter of life. 

inside-out-joy-sadnessNick recently referenced the movie Inside Out where Joy and Sadness realize they can both exist in the same ball. That’s a great descriptor of where we’re at right now.

In a matter of two weeks our easy, comfortable world, where we were able to juggle all the balls we had, has been shifted and those balls are no longer juggled. I feel as though while one ball is dropping, I’m catching it and throwing it into the air just in time to catch the next ball that’s dropping. Long story short Nick has an amazing opportunity to take the next step in his career and gain experience in his industry…but not in our cozy, comfy town.

After spending the majority of our lives in our hometown, having our baby here and bringing her home to the place we’ve learned to love, we are moving on to the next chapter in Colorado. This quick decision has not come without a lot of discussion and emotion. I mean how could it not; five grandparents out of the seven live here, my closest cousins and {L}’s cousins are here. The idea of not having family within 5 miles is actually a very tough pill to swallow. And don’t get me started about the fear I have not being this close to my Mom. I know how that sounds, I’m 34 and a mother myself and I’m worried about being away from my mom. Funny – yes, and true. With all that said, I also understand people don’t grow without going through change. Like I said in the beginning, it’s easy to be comfortable and stay on the path of least resistance. It’s when we’re challenged to step outside our comfort zone when growth happens. A few years ago while I was pregnant with {L}, my Grandfather, the spiritual rock of our family, took Nick and I to dinner to discuss this big change that was about to take place in our life. He said life was about hills and valleys. We won’t always be on the top of a hill, we have to go through the valleys to get to the next hill. While this change isn’t a valley per say, because really this is a great – great opportunity not just for Nick but for us as a family, it is a change from what we know and are comfortable with and it has rocked our boat. The good thing though, is that our boat is pretty solid!




The checklist of things to do is endless at this point which is why we continue to tell each other to live in the present. The worry list is long and as a parent, I realize that list will always be long. We worry about making the right decisions for {L}, finding the right place that we can make into a home, will we be able to make friends, will we find a CrossFit family, how close are we to a Super Target (I mean seriously we have priorities here). All kidding aside, we tend to complain about this town but when you’re faced with the reality of leaving it, you realize how lucky we really are. It’s easy to say that when it’s been 90 degrees for several days and the leaves on the trees are barely waving hello. We will miss this town so much – but this isn’t a goodbye but rather a see you in a few weeks. Actually, we’ll be here for another couple months while the house is up for sale, but still, you get what I’m saying.

Big Big Hugs!



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