Goodbye 5th Street

Tell me how people in military families do it. How do they move from house to house and not feel as though their heart is breaking? Over the past several weeks I’ve been packing our Casper home getting ready to move to our new home in Castle Rock and while moving is physically exhausting it is just as much emotionally exhausting as well. When the process began I started taking extra footage of {L} just so I didn’t forget the little, quirky things she would do around the house. I want to be able to show her some day how she would push toys across the wood floors or dump out a bag of marbles just to see them roll everywhere. As this moving process is coming to a close I am starting to realize how attached we get to the things that may annoy us at times. I didn’t realize the creaky floors would be something I would miss but here we are, moved out of the house and I still find myself walking gently across my parent’s floors.

I remember the first night Nick closed on the house. I brought take out from DSASUMO’s and we enjoyed dinner without silverware in an empty, sterile house.

IMG_0020 (1)

The first time we brought {L} home. There had been a snow storm and friends shoveled the driveway. We brought her in and set her down next to the couch and both said, “well what to do we do now?”. And then we all took a two hour nap!

The first major appliance outage. Nick & his friend trying to fix it after having one too many mimosa’s.

IMG_0024 (1)

The nursery we painted and pulled together.

The first harvest in the garden.


Our intimate wedding ceremony.

And so on and so on…


Nick asked me as he left the house for the last time, what my favorite memory was and what my worst memory was. Tough question and a great reminder that even as we say goodbye to our first family home, we will never say goodbye to the memories we’ve created together.

With a heavy sigh and a lump in my throat we say ‘Goodbye’ to 2714 E. 5th Street. Thank you for providing a safe and comfortable place for us to grow as a couple and as a family. You are a strong home with great character. You have likely heard a lot of beautiful laughs and painful cries over your nearly 60 years and we only hope you continue to have that for another 60 years.

Bless you and the new family that gets to enjoy your creaky floors.

The Landen’s


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