What would your eulogy say?

Sometimes a light bulb goes off during the most interesting of times.

Here is some insight into my life. During nap time, I can either be found cleaning, doing/folding laundry, painting, working on a project, doing dishes, or sometimes indulging in The Housewives of Orange County while googling crap. Usually, during almost all of those activities I can be found listening to a podcast. Lately my favorite podcast is Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday¬†conversations. On this particular day I was on my hands and knees cleaning the tile floors with a sponge and bucket listening to David Brooks, author of The Road to Character.

During this podcast he said so much that resonated with me and honestly everyone should listen to it. The “ah-ha moments” were:

  • David say, If we take a look at Google and big searches, and you look at all the words used in magazines, newspapers, and books year over year, we are talking more about economics and less on community and morality (kindness, humbleness, gratitude, honor). The conversation around community and morality has dropped by 50-60% in the last generation.
  • A Harvard School of Education survey asked 10,000 Junior High School students: What do your Parents care more about; that you get good grades or that you’re kind?
    • 80% said their parents cared more about them getting good grades.
  • Resume virtues vs eulogy virtues; Resume virtues are the things that make us good at our jobs. The Eulogy virtues are the things people say about us after we’re dead. Whether we are honest, brave, or capable of great love. A lot of us are so focused on whether or not we are good at our careers that we forget our core virtues, the stuff that’s beneath the surface. We live in such a competitive world now, that we don’t place priority on the core piece of ourselves.
  • Read this one slowly and let it digest. People with character have consistency over time. The things that lead us astray such as greed or lust are short term. The things that are character are long term like honesty or courage. {Read this one again and again and slowly again.}

The last two were what made me listen to the podcast not once but twice. There was a time in my life, not too long ago, where I experienced something that David defines as a short term decision. And quite honestly some might have questioned my character. Having really digested the last statement above, I feel even more comfortable with who I am today. Everyone goes through times of joy and struggles, it’s a matter of how we cope with those events that truly shape who we are. The person I know I am is loving, compassionate, honest, and I would like to think kind. I hope my eulogy would be written with following words included:

Kind – Committed to Loving – Attentive – Appreciative – Grateful

What would your eulogy look like? I realize that sounds a little morbid; but if you let it sink in for a minute and meditate on the idea, I think you will realize there’s some good stuff there.

Happy Holiday’s from our family to yours! Enjoy every bit this season has to offer – Every hug, every laugh, and most definitely every glass of wine!




Photo credit to Jeff Zenisek




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