Lillian’s Letters – 2 Years Old

Oh sweet girl, Happy 2nd birthday!

It’s been one of those years your Dad and I will look back on and say, “Wow, can you believe all this happened during Lilly’s 2nd year of life!”. As we gear up for your birthday I’ve been reminded of just how far we all have come in the last year. 


Looking back at pictures from your 1st birthday it’s really fun to see just how much you’ve grown. Aunt Stacy (and the whole Gransbery crew) gave you your Cozy Coupe car and until late this year, your feet couldn’t touch the ground! You still seem so small but it’s moments such as this that remind me you’re getting bigger.

This year we all experienced a lot of firsts: • Your first words outside of Mama and Dada • Your first pancake 🙂 • The first time you touched snow • Your first overnight stay with Daddy and your first overnight stay without Mommy or Daddy! • Your first trip down the slide • Your first time to gymnastics and your first experience on a trampoline • Your first visit to the zoo and aquarium • Your first pony tail • Your first visit to the Easter Bunny • Your first trip to the waterfalls • Your first experience seeing fireworks • Your first trip down the slide face first • Your first giant bruise on the ol’ noggin • Your first favorite movie (Moana) • And your first experience with a drinking fountain.

I could probably go on with many more; you see this year was such a big year for all of us. Your personality has blossomed from a darling baby to this joyful little girl. Over this past year we moved to a new town, in a new state and I think that played a role in your “coming out” per say. You’ve been around so many more children from Storytime at the Library to the many parks we visit and all the kids at our CrossFit gym. You aren’t as shy as you once were. Often times, you are happy to join in the adult class at the gym and perform a few burpees for your audience. Or jump on a set of rings and swing. It’s simple moments such as these that I hope remain a part of who you are.

While this year has been a year of growth, it has also been a challenging year. When Daddy started work before we moved, you clung to your pacifier and Lovey much more than ever. We could see the confusion on your face as more items were packed away. It was during these times that you and I only had each other and that’s something I will forever cling to. EJ6A0192Over the year, we’ve seen lightbulbs go off as if your whole face lights up. You’re understanding so much! It’s actually pretty amazing. You’re able to help pick up and put away toys. You can pick out specific items such as putting on your boots or getting your bunny shoes. You can show people you are ‘2’ with your fingers; which if you think about it, it’s a challenging task to learn. But what comes with all of this, is a sense of independence and learning that you are able to do things on your own or in some instances, not do things if you choose not to.

This is the challenge as a parent my sweet girl. There’s a balance that your Dad and I are learning. We want you to make the right choices and for them to be YOUR choices. Sometimes Daddy thinks I’m a freight train and when I say it’s time to do something then it’s time to do it now, and there may be some truth to that (but honestly who wants to sit in a full diaper).  {We may be bias} You are so smart and in the end we only want the best for you. The amazing part is, you are loving and kind too! You definitely are my mini-me, you enjoy giving hugs! Aren’t they the best!!! Hugs are awesome and they make people smile. You are open to sharing and playing with others – which has been so cool to watch. You love watching how big kids play and you even try to inject yourself in their games by showing your shoes to them or showing them your painted finger nails. My hope as you grow older is that you are welcoming to other children just as you are now.


As we move into this next year, I know challenges are ahead. You are going to experience emotions you haven’t experienced before (and maybe the same could be said for me too). Your vocabulary is about to take off which is going to be really cool! Your sense of humor is already hilarious but I imagine we’re about to experience it on a whole new level. And your hugs…ahhh your hugs. I just breathe you in every time I get to hold you, fully understanding these years go by fast. You are strong, smart, and beautiful; but in the end if you aren’t kind then none of those things matter.

Please know you are loved beyond measure. Daddy and I couldn’t be prouder of who you are right now – You are joyful.

Love you more than there are stars in the sky baby girl

Mommy & Daddy



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