Dear Dads with Littles

Dear Dads with littles

This season in life, the time when we don’t get to say much to one another, the time where we really don’t get many opportunities to have sexy time, the time where we are simply surviving and trying not to snap; I hope you still see me the way I see you.

IMG_7452This season in life, when kids are young and demanding and tiresome and full of energy and want so much time and attention; this season is tough for not just me but you.  I see how much it hurts you to leave in the morning for work when your child asks why you can’t stay and play.  I see how tired you are when you come home but change into your sweatpants so you can spend that last hour with your little.  I know you feel stressed being the sole provider and the pressure you feel with what comes with that role.  This time in our life is challenging to say the least and it’s changed the way our lives operate.  But it’s also made our relationship grow and ultimately become stronger.

When we started this journey, providing for a family wasn’t likely on your radar.  You probably saw your life looking a little different, maybe more freedom, maybe more sleep, and quite possibly more football time.  But I too saw my life differently.  I was definitely going back to work.  I was going to be one of those do-it-all working moms.  I IMG_8328was going to continue to dress up and look put together.  I was going to be that same sexy-funny woman that you fell for years ago.  While I may be a SAHM, and my emotional state may be questionable at times, and the same legging, zip-up athletic attire keeps making it’s appearances, I hope you still see me the way I see you.

Our schedules are busy and we don’t get time to connect or do the things we quite possibly “want” to do, but I hope you know how much you mean to our family.  This is a chapter of our life that I know we will look back on and laugh at as we are faced with new and different challenges in the next chapter.  This chapter is flying by yet it resembles the opening scene from Groundhogs Day.  We will survive, likely with more lines on our face, but we will make it through the trenches.  So please know this…

You are strong.

You are capable.

You are intelligent.

You are sexy.

You are stable.

You are loyal.

You are fun.

You are the father to our children.

You are forever my partner on this journey.

With love,

Your forever partner and mother to your children



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