SAHM 1 Year Anniversary

Preface – I started this post two month ago <hanging head in shame>

At the start of this year I told myself I would write more and be more involved in my blog. Hmmmm, we’re four (now six) months into the new year and I’ve written two posts. Not off to the best start. I’ve thought a lot about what the purpose of my blog is and what I want to write about. At this point I don’t have a profound purpose except to share life’s journeys. I have a feeling that as time progresses the purpose will unfold. Read More


It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down to write something. I’ve had a lot of ideas floating around and started a few posts but just as soon as I get the chance to sit down – BAM – nap time is over and we are off to the races.

When I titled this post Strength there are two things that I’ve recently observed; physical strength and how we view it, and internal strength. Read More