SAHM 1 Year Anniversary

Preface – I started this post two month ago <hanging head in shame>

At the start of this year I told myself I would write more and be more involved in my blog. Hmmmm, we’re four (now six) months into the new year and I’ve written two posts. Not off to the best start. I’ve thought a lot about what the purpose of my blog is and what I want to write about. At this point I don’t have a profound purpose except to share life’s journeys. I have a feeling that as time progresses the purpose will unfold. Read More

Changes Are Good

This is one of those posts I’ve gone back and forth on mostly due to the fact that I really am a fairly modest person so putting a photo out there of myself isn’t in my wheelhouse. Having said that, this isn’t a ‘rah-rah look at me’ post but rather a reminder of how much life has changed; not just physically but there’s been an internal shift in how I see life as a Mom now.

You see today I left the house with no make-up on…and I mean NO make-up. My hair in it’s standard, fro-ed out, curly hair, slept-in mess of a bun. Read More

Lillian Letters – 1 Year

Dear Sweetness,

A year ago we were patiently awaiting your arrival, and since you were 4 days late, patient is probably an understatement! People would tell us to enjoy this time, because once she {you} arrived, our lives would be forever changed. We knew that, but when you arrived, what we thought we knew was nothing compared to our beautiful new reality.
I remember the day you were born so vividly. January 7, 2016 will forever be a magnificent day. On this day, you made Daddy a Dad and me a Mom. You opened our hearts to a whole new world; a whole new kind of love that we never knew existed. Read More

Trial & Error

Isn’t that the story of parenthood – Trial & Error. We try different foods. We try different nap schedules. We try different bedtimes. And sometimes we try different songs. Like right now, Wheels on the Bus is the song of choice while being buckled into the car seat. That will likely change here soon.  Read More


It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down to write something. I’ve had a lot of ideas floating around and started a few posts but just as soon as I get the chance to sit down – BAM – nap time is over and we are off to the races.

When I titled this post Strength there are two things that I’ve recently observed; physical strength and how we view it, and internal strength. Read More