Moving…Lessons Learned

It’s been two months since we moved. I can’t believe it! It seems like it’s been longer than two months. Now that the dust has settled I’ve been trying to reflect on the whole process. Moving is rough! I’m sure I don’t have to tell many of you this truth but moving your family to another state is something I have never experienced, so let me wallow in this moment. Read More

Goodbye 5th Street

Tell me how people in military families do it. How do they move from house to house and not feel as though their heart is breaking? Over the past several weeks I’ve been packing our Casper home getting ready to move to our new home in Castle Rock and while moving is physically exhausting it is just as much emotionally exhausting as well. Read More

Hills & Valleys

Have you ever found yourself going down a smooth road, taking in all the beauty around you, enjoying the easy undisturbed path? I know I have and it’s pleasant; it’s easy; it’s comfortable. And then you hit a bump or take a big turn you didn’t see coming and get jolted or startled. Well that’s where we’re at in this chapter of life.  Read More

SAHM 1 Year Anniversary

Preface – I started this post two month ago <hanging head in shame>

At the start of this year I told myself I would write more and be more involved in my blog. Hmmmm, we’re four (now six) months into the new year and I’ve written two posts. Not off to the best start. I’ve thought a lot about what the purpose of my blog is and what I want to write about. At this point I don’t have a profound purpose except to share life’s journeys. I have a feeling that as time progresses the purpose will unfold. Read More

Changes Are Good

This is one of those posts I’ve gone back and forth on mostly due to the fact that I really am a fairly modest person so putting a photo out there of myself isn’t in my wheelhouse. Having said that, this isn’t a ‘rah-rah look at me’ post but rather a reminder of how much life has changed; not just physically but there’s been an internal shift in how I see life as a Mom now.

You see today I left the house with no make-up on…and I mean NO make-up. My hair in it’s standard, fro-ed out, curly hair, slept-in mess of a bun. Read More